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Giving a Chance to Creativity

Creativity is the key to innovation and improvement. However, the process to cultivate it involves creating the time to think, writing down your ideas, and social interaction. My opinion is that creativity is an ability to be fomented and cherished, as it can be considered one to the biggest assets of your professional life.

Firstly, your daily routine must start by dedicating time to thinking and imagination. For example, even before opening your email, rest for about 30 minutes to concentrate and meditate, letting your imagination flow. Also, visualising how processes can be improved. A practical technique to be utilised is to think about items not related to the business: a lonely beach, a peaceful lake, a green mountain. The usage of parallel thinking is highly valuable as well. Could you realise how much can you advance by setting up some minutes to think about improvement, instead of wasting time by doing always the same?

Secondly, always have a notepad at reach so you can write down your ideas. For instance, when enjoying a coffee and this great idea comes to your mind; despite having a lot of napkins and no pen. Inspiration by insight is a gift that only arrives once, and when it passes is gone for sure. Consider all the good ideas that may have arrived to your mind while commuting.

Thirdly, creativity may be developed by talking with others. Namely, by inspiring creativity into others: potential solutions could appear in the form of small clues. Because this interaction works in two ways, a great deal of information can be received also. Since this feedback can be provided just by one person, it is desirable to develop a healthy network of professionals from miscellaneous fields able of generating the most unexpected ideas and thoughts.

To summarise, creativity is to be learned and developed by every entrepreneur, by scheduling time to think in the daily routine, by writing down all ideas, and opening opportunities to chat with others. In conclusion, the tool needed to improve your business through innovation is called creativity. Every entrepreneur should have the chance to developed it.

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