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The Precious Resource of Time

Time is always running out, and for the purpose of life, three main flows must occupy the mind of every person, namely; time to work, time as an individual, and family time. It is my opinion that every single being must find the balance and become aware of how important time is, and how it is dedicated for all aspects of life.

First, time to work is considered the most important of these elements, nowadays. This means that most productive adults are always trying to find more time to work. For instance, people are always extending their work schedules in order to pretend to be more productive. Apart for destroying overall health, productivity is not increased, but two things could happen: stress appears, or burnout makes its appearance. The former will make every person less productive; and the latter will consume the being: ideas, creativity, strength, will to work. Could it be possible to understand time to work not only as work itself, but also as those activities that allow entrepreneurs to grow as well? Consider soft skills training, or technical training as part of this time. Thinking outside the box is part of that time dedicated to work, indeed.

Second, personal time means to schedule time to oneself. Moreover, this is time needed to develop and grow as an individual. It can be mention that activities such as exercise; but also meditation, are a great aid to find personal balance. What would be your activity to choose, given the time? More and more people are choosing yoga as a personal favourite when it comes to relaxation and internal growth.

Third, families deserve the best of our times. Just to mention, close ones need smiles, warm hugs, and tender kisses. Additionally, related ones required all the guidance, and protection that can be provided. Moreover, the simple closeness of their presence can help to heal the failures of the week, to share the victories of the day, and provide a foundation for the vision of the future. The greatest gift that can be given to family and dear ones, is time.

In brief, time is short, and time is basically organised into three main roads: work, oneself, and family. Once the time has been found for each one of them, a sense of joy is found; thus, a balance has been reached. However, priorities must be always set. What would you choose as your top priority, against the rest?

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Originally published: June 19th, 2017

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