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Working with the Incorrect Culture

Companies are composed of different personalities and traits from its own people, however, the culture is not always the best one for an entrepreneur, could not be the most flexible, or even the most appropriate for a company, at all. It is my perspective that entrepreneurs looking for the stability of a daytime job must adapt to any business, but not going to the point of affecting the creativity, the spirit, the will to improve. No company is worth the exchange of the entrepreneurial spirit.

Firstly, an entrepreneur could deal with a difficult organisational culture. And this could be represented by the following example: people in the company is more concerned about your looks, your schedule, your customs; leaving your work outside the picture. When harsh conditions are surrounding your workplace, represented by the behaviour of the coworkers, the psych is affected by becoming more protective and dependant of the opinion from the others. Thus, a terrible condition for a creative mind.

Secondly, even if the entrepreneur manage to provide some creativity to the daily work; is this work going to permeate into the existing culture? For instance, as new recruit in a new company, entrepreneurs could feel amazed due to the amount of potential roads to improvement. Is this organisation in disposition to allow those changes to be implemented, furthermore, even considered? The environment should be always observed, and study how recommendations from stablished workers, are received.

Thirdly, the organisation could be a disaster, even for older employees. To mention an example, there are family companies that just grew due to a particular event. This doesn’t mean the company was ready to grow. So, the structure develops, and processes are implemented, also, new regulations stablished. Most family companies suffer from those headaches in their adolescence. Would this be the right place to try to implement any creativity at all? Hardly, since the company is actually focused in how to do things, not how to make them right. The company just exists to struggle with every new operational day.

To summarise, not all organisational cultures are the correct ones for an entrepreneur, as those could be either difficult to deal with, inflexible, or not the correct one for the company itself. The entrepreneur must be willing to find a daytime job to help in the journey of stabilising the personal business, although not at the cost of the developing abilities. An entrepreneur must keep an open mind and study the environment in order to determine two specific factors: will the company help the entrepreneur to grow?, but also, will the entrepreneur be allowed to actually exercise knowledge, creativity, and experience; in order to help the company to grow?

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