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The Future

It seems the time has come to take my IELTS test. Everything I know will be tested, and it should be admited, I feel a bit nervous about it. A peer was recommending me my not to worry, and pretending the visit of a foreigner friend I want to talk to. But lets be honest, a lot depends on this. Basically, my whole future.

But it is thrilling to consider that my first steps of the second half of my life are being taken as I write these lines; moreover, I am consciously constructing my future. I am actively seeking for solutions, as my business promote, and the time of being brave is ahead of me: maybe more than ever before.

Only an entrepreneur can experience this feeling of facing the unkown, being prepared and never having total assurance of everything going well. This is the feel that it is felt when you realize how alive you are.

The future is ahead of me, and I am taking one step of at the time.

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