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The challenge of Web Programming


Day 1

Frank Berrocal - C# data connection to SQL Server
Frank Berrocal - Code

It's finally time to overcome my aversion to Web Programming. Let's face it: it isn't effortless. I always loved working with HTML, and CSS was ok. But then, Javascript came, and I needed to add Express, React and APIs...!!!! (insert screams here).

I really need to know my craft. I need to create the exterior face of my programs. I excel at database designing and creation, and I have become terrific regarding data connection, processing, and validation of the data in a middle layer. My training could have been better: I am responsible for finding other sources besides the academic material. However, it could have been better (too many gaps in the information), and I have been conveniently submerging my head in databases and coding.

I decided to challenge myself, using this material I found on the internet. I will create several websites before the end of the year. I will use my ability to document everything and share every bit of knowledge. This could be excellent reference material for the future.

Let's start working!

(Work in progress!)

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