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The Relevance of Personal Time

Through the journey of a self-owned company, personal time should be kept an integral part of the day, by creating a well defined routine, also, by executing your favourite activities, and by having enough sleep. Under my perspective, the time to develop and improve your personal life is fundamental to perform as an entrepreneur.

First, a healthy daily routine should be designed to include both personal and family time, besides work time. For instance, it must include the moment when the job finishes, and then, what activities you should be doing at home. It is a fact that you cannot predict how much time will be consumed by commuting, but the best effort to provide an estimated time range should be made.

Second, the activities you define as part of personal time must contain at least one favourite thing to do. Consider at least thirty minutes of singing or dancing; writing, exercising, painting, etc. The execution of tasks considered as relaxing contribute enormously to reduce stress. What would be the dearest activity you could think about doing while enjoying time for leisure?

Lastly, one of the most important elements of private time is sleeping. To illustrate this point, it is recommended to sleep for at least eight hours per night; in order to rest properly. This being considered, not all entrepreneurs can enjoy the blessing of so many hours to rest. However, it is fundamental going to the bed at the same hour, and sleep equal amounts of time every night.

To summarise, the time that is dedicated to personal life is as important as that time utilised to improve your business. By creating a routine, including your special hobbies, and sleeping as good as possible every night; a healing balance can be constructed. The entrepreneur is the soul and heart of the business, therefore, there is no one without the other.

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